• Blended Diets

    Journey to Blended Foods Often when we bring new birds into our homes, whether they are from a bird rescue facility, breeder, or pet store, they are not eating the most nutritious diets. They may be eating all seeds or […]

  • Slow & Steady – Seeds to Pellets Conversion

    The idea behind this method is to reduce the time the bird has old food available whilst increasing the time he is exposed to the new food. It seems to work best for birds of Conure size and larger, that […]

  • Birdie’s Choice – Seeds to Pellets Conversion

    This method allows birds to choose from 3 different novel pellet diets, of varying colours and shapes. It is good to also include different sizes – some birds like to size up or down from the size recommended for their […]

  • Tough Love – Seeds to Pellets Conversion

    Gradual cold turkey Routine is key to this method. It is suitable for birds of any age or breed but tends to work best for laid back birds who are not stressed out by change and enjoy eating treats. There […]

  • Seeds vs Pellets

    Why not feed birds seeds? Seeds have been fed to pet birds for many years, birds like them and eat them readily. Many owners believe that because wild birds eat seeds, so should pet birds. However, are they a good […]

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